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Why You Should Invest In Local SEO 

There are florists, accountants, restaurants, and hairdressers in every county that someone often appears to know and recommend. Still, even for these well-known and long standing icons of their industry, local SEO or local online marketing is becoming even more essential. People seek information whilst on the move via iPhones and android phones or sitting at home on a computer. Gone are the days of dusting down a copy of the yellow pages from under the stairs or searching the back pages of the local newspaper. Consumers have become more savy and want information on local companies faster than ever before. If a local business cannot be found online then it is already missing opportunities.

Why Does Your Business Need Local SEO?

Local Search Study Statistics a) 97% of customers look-up local businesses online. (Source, Google Places). b) Almost all consumers (97%) now use the internet to shop locally (Source: ConStat /BIA and Kelsey). c) 90%-use search engines, 42%- use comparison shopping websites. 48% -use Online Yellow Pages and directories d) 83% of individuals utilizing local websites follow up their research with offline action. This action involves in store visits, telephone calls, emails or purchases. (Source: comScore/TMP Directional Marketing). More Visibility Locally From the above study increasing number of people look for products and services that are near their location. If you’ve formulated an excellent local seo plan such as being listed on Google maps, yellow pages and other directories, there’s a higher likelihood for you being shown on SERPS (search engine results pages). Consequently, search engine users in your region may find about you and your offers. Local Map Optimisation Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Thomson plus many other local directories have map listings that offer an opportunity to list your business and show searchers where your business is, what hours you are open and more. Red Alien can format your business information to take the best advantage of these local listing directories. More Visitors to Your Website As you find your way to the first pages of local Google search results for relevant search queries, a growing number of people will discover you and get to see your web site which means you will get more prospects and some potential sales. Build Better Relationships and Enhance Your Reputation By incorporating a local seo, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your online reputation via a more centered campaign. In this way, your target specific niche market will have the ability to receive your message and beneficial offers. As you gain more traffic and qualified prospects to your website more individuals will ultimately patronize your website and product offerings- this is certainly a good opportunity for you to develop relationships with clients by offering on-line promotions and client support services. Local SEO Is Less Expensive Finally implementing a local SEO plan costs less money as opposed to executing a nationwide or global online marketing strategy .It makes good business sense to go after customers who are more likely to see your website and buy.

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